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Oil Resistance V-Belt-Reasonable Design

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    February 25

      A powerful alternative to chain or a drop-in replacement for high torque polyurethane belts, oil resistance V-Belt are engineered to run quietly and efficiently in the harshest environments.Even if the belt looks good, you should run it on your application for a few weeks to make sure that it has not been affected by the chemical.Constructed with a high temperature and oil resistant polymer, oil resistance V-Belt provide high thermal stability and excellent overall chemical resistance.

      high temperature resistance V-Belt are used for easy drive design, especially for greater axial shaft distances, quiet operation, simple installation and also a low overall cost in comparison with other drive systems.And ethylene propylene diene methylene rubber or butyl chloride rubber with excellent high-temperature resistance as the cover rubber with high-temperature resistance materials.

      They were originally introduced to improve drive performance, replacing flat belts made from leather and then rubber. High temperature resistance V-Belt transfer torque from one pulley to another by means of friction.High Temperature Resistant Conveyor Belt Characteristics The belt carcass is made.