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Customized Sheet Metal Parts Processing Fiber Laser Cutting

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    May 14, 2019

    Time and creates more accurate parts and greater manufacturing efficiency. Additionally, the turret's automated material tower allows for 24/7 production processes, which provides even quicker turnaround times.
    Water Jet Cutting Sheet Metal Fabrication Process
    OMAX Maxiem 1530 water jet cutting machine utilizes a constant supply of high-pressure water that is mixed with granular abrasives to cut and manipulated different types of sheet metal material. The water jet cutting machine's nozzle directly provides the correct amount of focused pressure and water/ Abrasive fluid and can be adjusted for custom cuts and designs. The machine's CNC-operated design allows for multi-axis cutting heads, which can produce ultra-complex part shapes and angled cuts.
    Fiber Optic Laser Cutting for Custom Sheet Metal Parts
     Fiber optic laser cutters operate through amplified light that is channeled through a fiber optic cable. The inner lens of the machine then straightens and delivers a hyperfocused beam of light that provides extremely accurate cuts. LCG3015 & FOL3015AJ fiber laser cutting systems utilizes a high- Powered out 9000-watt & 4000-watt laser, which produces exceptional edge quality and eliminates scrap and inaccurately-cut parts, reducing material costs. Fiber optic laser cutting system can also provide 24/7 "lights out" production capabilities, which equates to Faster turnaround times.
    Secondary Operations for Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
    To give you more complete parts that are ready to use (or as close to it as possible) upon delivery, we can provide:
        Powder coating
        Pad printing
        Silk screening
        Fastener insertion
        Rounding of edges
        Tumbling and finishing
        And more