Ways to Keep Hair Healthy Without Drugs Or Surgery

  • You can find many different ways to treat and prevent hair loss but only one that will work well to keep hair healthy. The best way to keep hair healthy is to maintain a diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Excess amounts of folic acid in your diet may help in preventing baldness.

    Folic acid is a B vitamin used for promoting blood flow and also helps in the regeneration of cells. In order to get the most out of folic acid, you need to eat foods high in it. Foods that contain folic acid include dark green leafy vegetables and oranges. You can also take supplements like folinic acid which contains 5mcg folic acid.

    Just like other nutrients, this can be helpful in keeping hair and the scalp healthy. Some examples of foods that have higher amounts of folic acid are; tomatoes, eggs, dried beans, lentils, cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, and cabbage.

    Vitamins C and E are both used to promote blood circulation in the scalp and this can help with promoting hair growth. These vitamins are great for preventing hair loss or helping to regrow hair if you have lost some. To get the most out of vitamins C and E it is best to get these through leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale, asparagus, and beans.

    Iodine deficiency can cause hair loss and this can also lead to hair loss. This happens because there is an imbalance in the thyroid gland that causes the body to not produce enough thyroid hormones to control hair loss. Some foods that have more iodine are; salmon, oysters, smoked salmon, egg yolks, asparagus, and eggs.

    Certain proteins like egg whites and lean meats can stimulate blood circulation and this helps to promote hair growth. Foods that contain more protein include; tuna, turkey, chicken, and whole-wheat bread.

    If you have been using shea moisture mango and carrot shampoo and conditioner set that contain alcohol and they are no longer working to cleanse your hair then you may want to try something new. This could be a good way to keep hair healthy and improve the condition of your hair. Alcohol is used to disinfect hair and make it shine and this can help to loosen up your hair.

    Oatmeal baths are great ways to promote hair growth and are also good for reducing dryness and irritation. The key is to get an oatmeal base that has no extra oils. A mild oatmeal bath is an excellent way to get your hair to grow back.

    There are many herbs that you can use to improve the condition of your hair. Certain essential oils like lavender oil and rosemary oil can help to help relieve dryness while tea tree oil can help to combat dandruff.

    Calendula oil can be used as a remedy for treating scalp rashes, hair loss and itching. People who suffer from scalp psoriasis can benefit from the use of calendula oil in their hair.

    For those who are allergic to shellfish and seafood, you can mix sea buckthorn berries and eat them or apply them to the scalp. This remedy is a safe and effective method to use to treat scalp infections and can also be applied to hair.

    As you can see there are many safe home remedies for curing hair loss. Just make sure you choose a good quality brand.