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    Have you ever wondered that even after working so hard you do not get desired results? Are you everyday facing some weird obstacles and setbacks in your life and wondering that bad luck never leaves you? Put an end to all those questions that are popping in your mind and step in to HEALING WORLD. You can undergo many healing therapies and one of them is Lama Fera Healing which is quite different from others and highly effective in its own way. As the name suggests a human body is contrived by worldly desires and they are as follows:


    1. Greed

    2. Anger 

    3. Pride 

    4. Doubt

    5. Mistaken Opinions (False View)

    6. Foolishness


    We often commit mistakes and hence create our negative karmas. A human body takes infinite rebirths to heal but again fall into this vicious circle of life and death. Lama Fera in India is quite popular and a level higher than Reiki. 




    Just like one rotten fruit can spoil the whole fruit basket, the same logic applies to our karmas also. Whether intentionally or unintentionally they must have happened and their effect is shown in several other births. Disputes, chronic pains, court cases, delay in marriage, financial crunch, health problems or relationship issues- all these problems can be healed by Lama Fera Healing. After one session you will experience that all your chakras are harmonizing well and the hurdles you must have been facing till date has started vanishing. After a few sessions you will see a major transformation in your life and no obstacle could come in your way of success. 




    Lama Fera in India brings a stress free life, abundances of resources, good fortune, great health, cordial relationships and improves your spiritual growth. Enjoy all the comforts of life by gaining joy and positivity in your life by focusing more on your career. After a single session you will start feeling relaxed and light. Peace of mind is the ultimate goal of a life and that also puts an end to all your physical and mental ailments. A client should strictly follow their medical treatment and other routines while opting for any healing therapy at HEALING WORLD. Karmic Reiki is not at all time consuming and it provides miraculous results. These healing therapies are quite popular and budget friendly also.